The kids awaiting the start of the program

Listening intently to the speaker

Watching a video

Group activities

Lining up for lunch

Waiting for food

Photo show

Card tricks

CSR event at the Parikrma Center

Flooded streets after the rain

All natural drainage system - everything flows down

Glimpse of sunshine over the city

Thank you card from the kids

Bangalore, India

Youth Education

July 21, 2013


Now I was sitting waiting wishing

That you believed in superstitions

Then maybe you'd see the signs

But Lord knows that this world is cruel

- Jack Johnson

With the great amounts of poverty and economic inequality in India it is no surprise that there are many opportunities to participate in CSR activities. This weekend, along with fellow interns, I worked with the Parikrma Foundation at a local school on the north side of Bangalore in Sahakara Nagar. The Parikrma Foundation focuses on providing comprehensive education, nutrition, and healthcare for the children. This time we worked specifically with children in the 11th and 12th year of school who were advanced enough to take advantage of some of the technical and non-technical knowledge that we could provide. Even at the age of 16 or so many of the children were very sharp and quite interested in computers and technology. Judging by the character of the children it looks like the Parikrma Foundation is playing a big role in their development and is helping to break the cycles that often condemn low income families to subsisting below the poverty line. Perhaps if Indian companies and the Indian economy keep growing there will be future employment opportunities for these children.