Sidewalk art, 2002

Melbourne public baths building, 2002

Looking up a skyscraper, 2002

Melbourne in 2002

Melbourne skyline at night, 2011

Melbourne skyline at night, 2011

Sunset at St. Kilda, 2011

Sunset at St. Kilda, 2011

Royal Exhibition Hall, 2011

Stained glass from the 1870s

Australia crest

Flinders St. Station, 2011

Melbourne from the top of the Edge building, 2011

Melbourne from the riverwalk, 2011

The Edge building towering over the south river bank, 2011

Melbourne Museum, 2002

Melbourne 2002

Melbourne Museum, 2002

Flinder's Street Station, 2002

Melbourne, Australia

A River Runs Through It

April 10, 2011


Now I'm walking again to the beat of a drum

And I'm counting the steps to the door of your heart

Only shadows ahead barely clearing the roof

Get to know the feeling of liberation and relief

- Crowded House