Rizal Park

Rizal Park

Inside the walls of Intramuros

Golf course on the edge of the old walled city

Monument on Corregidor Island

Old WW II weaponry on Corregidor

Monument to the soldiers on Corregidor

Ruins of a movie theater on Corregidor

More ruins in front of the hazy bay air

Market stand on the streets of Manila

Inside a mausoleum at the Chinese Cemetery

Tomb in the Chinese cemetery

Offerings to the dead in the cemetery

Jeepneys jockeying for position on the street

Chaotic street life in Manila

American Memorial Cemetery for World War II soldiers

Walls of the memorial with names of 36,000 missing soldiers

Over 17,000 headstones for the dead

Manila, Philippines

A Thin Glimmer of Hope

March 18, 2011


Gotta start teaching the children that they can be just what they want to be

There's much more to life than poverty

- 2 Pac