Overlooking Simi Valley

Hard Rock Cafe

Universal Studios

Los Angeles skyline in the distance

Paramount Ranch

Los Angeles, United States

A Sort of Homecoming

April 18, 2012

And now I drive the 101

On a California night

And I'm amazed at all the stars

Beneath that old Hollywood sign

And they waltz the ballet up the boulevard

To a place we never kept

And I'm not sure if we belong here

If I never really left or if I can go home

- The Gaslight Anthem

I used to live here, San Diego to be more specific, but somehow it never seems like that when I return to visit. I guess you could say that it never really felt like home even though I spent five years there. After living in Chicago for three years I have to say that I had forgotten how much better of a lifestyle there is in Southern California, especially west of the 5. The weather is usually bright, sunny, and warm, none of that depressing grayness and frigidity that permeates the midwest for the six months of winter. The scenery appeals to all the senses, the mountains, valleys, beaches, and waves give you far more to experience than a branching river, fine architecture, and dull flatness of the Chicago area. Public transportation may be limited to non-existent but outside of extended rush hours getting around on the complicated network of freeways is rather speedy and efficient and at the very least provides alternatives.

Considering all this makes me wonder where I might end up after my 18 months in Spain. If I do come back to the United States I don't think I could come back to Chicago, there are too many negatives there. I'm not sure if I could return to southern California either? After all I did have reasons for leaving, but then again there will always be reasons to leave a place behind, the key is finding enough reasons to stay.