La Merced

Volcan Massaya at the end of a busy street

Colonial buildings off the Parque Central

The main cathedral

San Francisco Church

An unrestored building

The clear waters of Laguna de Apoyo

Pedestrians on a quite street behind La Merced

Public bus to Massaya with a flat screen TV

Market in Massaya

Horse drawn cart on Calle La Calzada

Calle La Calzada

Sun halo

Boat tour to Las Isletas

Locals bathing in the lake

Expensive houses on small islands

Feeding the monkeys

A monkey eating a lychee

A small private island

The main cathedral in Granada in the distance

The old market building

Facade of the old hospital

Old hospital awaiting restoration

Granada, Nicaragua

Colonial City by the Lake

September 6, 2013

The world looks just the same

And the history ain't changed

Cause the banners they are flown in the next war

- The Who